Saturday, November 12, 2011

Screw Education

     I was sitting in my room, doing homework.
     On a sunny day. The sun shines brightly.
     No clouds in the sky. None at all.
     The distinct sound of laughter can be heard from a nearby swimming pool.
     And here I am, wasting away, writing useless papers that will probably end up in the trash bin once the teacher is done grading them.
     The clock ticked, ticked, and ticked. The sound of time running out. The sound of my vacation quickly slipping away .....
     Frustrated, I slammed by pencil on my desk.
     "What the hell am I doing?!" I screamed. "Why am I shut up in my own room when I could be playing outside, discovering, adventuring?!"
     I tried to overturn my desk like they do in manga, but it was too heavy. I continued shouting:
     "I won't stand for this! This tyranny! The teachers, the devil themselves, are trying to pollute our minds with useless knowledge we won't need in life! I don't need knowledge! We don't need knowledge! What we need is freedom! The power to explore! create! to find the things that please me the most! character! Thats what's important in life! What mindset do they think Columbus and Magellan had when they sailed around the world?!"
     I paced around the room, yelling to no one in particular.
     "I won't sit quietly and waste away like this! I'm going to pursue my dreams! I'm going to find and fulfill my destiny! As long as it's something I can enjoy, it'll be all right! I'm not going to be forced to become an engineer or a doctor or some other half-ass job like that! I'm going to make decisions for myself from now on!"
     I stopped to catch my breath, and went downstairs. I sat down on the couch and grabbed my XBox controller.
     "Now what game should I play next?"

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