Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving + Korean Vs. Japan

(Hello, everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting in a while. School and stuff, I'm sure you guys all know.
That aside, how has everyone been doing? Alright, I hope. I've been doing okay too. Thanksgiving break is already half-over, and I can't think of anything else than the impending doom that is high school. Now go ahead and read a completely random argument about the 2 of the most advanced Asian countries in the world)

WHERE do I begin? I have a LOT to say on this topic.

I understand the feelings behind Korea's grudge against Japan, but Korea is free from colonialism, it has a lot of potential to become a major power in the world, we need to move on. However, SO many hardcore politicians, both Japanese and Korean alike, intend to stay in the past, and continue to battle it out while the actual citizens of Japan and Korea get close to each other's customs and traditions (which are very similar).

As much as I want to stay neutral, I have to say that Japan is mostly to blame for the wave of tension between themselves and China and Korea countries. Japan:
- burned and destroyed ALL evidence of Korea's technological advancements over the past centuries
- attempted to utterly wipe out EVERY trace of Korean culture and language after they conquered Korea and replace that with Japanese language/culture
- is responsible for the famous "Rape of Nanjiing (sorry if I spelled that wrong)" where the Japanese army mercilessly pillaged the village (city, village?) and raped every woman in it. Japan claims that the incident never occurred and that the whole thing was made to make Japan look bad, much to the fury of China (are they seriously denying what has been written down in EVERY history textbook besides theirs?).
- has used Korea as a scapegoat and sex toy in World War II. Need I go any further?
- has recently published the HIGHLY controversial: Hate the Korean Wave and Hate China manga series
...... and only to name a few.

The manga Hate the Korean Wave is an entire topic to discuss in itself. As you an judge from the title of the manga, the whole book is about hating Koreans. The manga was a reaction to the sweep of Korean drama and music that travelled to Japan. In order to reestablish national pride in Japanese folks, the book: (yes another list)
- glorifies their own culture while they utterly TROLL the living hell out of Korean culture/language
- points out historical "inaccuracies", such as the FIFA 2002 World Cup incident and the Dokdo/Takeshima argument.
- depicts Koreans as disgusting and greedy, very narrow eyes and black hair; while Japanese have very Caucasian features (blonde hair, blue eyes, straight noses, etc.)
The Hate China manga is very similar, portraying the Chinese as cannibals and freaks of nature. A politician praised the book, saying that "The only good thing China has to offer is their food." Despite the outrageous material that lies within these two books, they have become very popular, and spawned a number of sequels.

Speaking of national pride ....

The Japanese barely have any. I'm sorry, but from what I gather, Japan seriously admires Europeans. A Japanese citizen has informed me that way back then, when Japan still had their pride, none of this "ooohh pointy nose, huge multi-color eyes, and multi-color hair is the way to go" existed. Then, when Western traders visited Japan, and they saw that Western women were taller and more beautiful than Japanese women, they immediately fell in love with the West. Since then, Japan has attempted to imitate Western civilization (not to mention their love of Germany in World War I and II). This love for the English is apparent in most books and culture in Japan.

Before I rant any further, I want to say that not all of this is based on fact. This argument is entirely controversial. I am merely disgusted at the cheating ways Japan has attempted to glorify themselves with. Not ALL of Japan is like what I mentioned above. Like I said, only the hardcore politicians go to the extremes when bringing down other countries. Just because I have my grudges against Japan does not mean I hate it. Japan has things Korea doesn't, and I thoroughly enjoy Japanese literature, music, and NINTENDO. The point is: Japan needs to learn a lesson and take responsibility for all the deeds they have done in the past. There's no point in being in denial when the rest of the world knows what they have done.

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