Sunday, December 4, 2011


Here's a few dreams that I had that I think would make good stories for books or movies.

1. A dictatorship government in the near future secretly kidnaps humans for testing experiments which involve fusing the humans and different machinery together. They then make them battle each other with the promise of freedom to the winner on a testing ground.

2. Aliens take over the earth and send out a green mist to exterminate all life on the planet. An unusually intelligent boy and a downer old man living with his two dogs in a trailer team up to take out the UFO in their area.

3. Before the world began, we used to live in the heaven above with God as our ruler. His best subordinate, Satan, rebels with his followers to take over the realm and overthrow God. God eventually wins the battle, but in a last desperate attempt, Satan attempts to destroy, blow up, unleash havoc, etc. on Heaven. To save us, he formed the Earth, and sent all the souls down on it while he dealt with Satan. He threw him and the rest of the fallen angels down to a realm called Hell, where he plots his next attack on mankind.

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